Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2nd Year!

New Semester started in Sept!..boy are we in for it this year!..
2nd Year baybeh!..:)..
we've already got three separate briefs..

Visual Expression 2
-a need to create a Type setting for a book & Magazine called
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest 
-Too Create 2 book jackets for the book as well-

Graphic Design 2
-we were asked to choose a Brand and create
a whole new brand experience of it-

Contextual Visual Practise 2
-Find a book we like and write a review on it..-

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Visual Expression 2

Visual Expression 2
Text and Magazines

Using the half title, title, colophon and chapter one, you are to interpret the text typographically – 
you can be as ambitious as you wish, but you should present two different versions of the text.

Version one: 
you should adhere to the conventions of typography and the nature of the book in terms of size, format and grid.

Version two:
 this is a little more ambitious… The Book and The Magazine share a common 
ancestor,  however, the book has not moved on much in terms of the object, typography, form 
and so on since the days of Gutenberg. Magazines are a different story – from their beginnings 
as books with soft covers and a selection of stories rather than one single narrative, they 
have constantly reinvented themselves with regards their signature typographic styling, their 
combination and integration of image and text, their focus on niche markets and their sense of 
adventure and creative expansion

Next we have the Book Jackets.
Development work

Book jacket 
one should embrace the idea of a non-digital outcome, consider making 
and photographing both type and image. (the blurb on the back cover can be produced 
digitally, however please remember the type rules!)

After another feedback session I decided to try a different approach.

Final Book Cover

Book jacket two
 this can be a digital response, however NO VECTOR GRAPHICS ALLOWED. 

 Final Book Cover

Basically the book covers were designed according to the context of the's a dark mysteries book about a mental hospital and a new guy who comes in and stirs problems with the Nurse who's incharge of the whole ward. It's a really good book and film..:)

Graphic Design 2 - Nokia Re-brand

Graphic Design Brief
Re-branding Nokia
In this brief , we were asked to choose a Brand that we thought required a changed and I chose Nokia. The famous Finish brand known for it's good quality phones. Recently after much research, I realized even though it has kept up with their competitors in coming up with mindboggling smartphones, Nokia is still not known for them. So the reason for my re-branding is to bring awareness to a younger generation that Nokia is just as well and established as Apple or Blackberry. But thru Design..:).. 


-New Logo-

-Poster Designs-


Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Next assignment we got was Sonic Soundscapes.
we had to performe a live music piece with improvised instruments in response to the work of well known creative practitioners, as well as creating a graphic notation for the very same.

To watch the video ---> Music Video

This is my process to a Graphic Notation!..:)

Development work

Final Design

The instruments we used!..:)

Book cover..

Well if you were following..the next assignment was a book cover!..i basically had two ideas..if you dont already know..i had to do a cover based on the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep..and this is whut i managed to come up with..:)

First Design

 I wanted to keep it clean and i went with a white background. but after awhile i felt it didnt quite deliver the message it was suppose to..
The box is basically a bit part of the where the characters have no feelings so they use an Empathy Box to i thought the whole book is solemnly based on emotions..then i started working on the box..and came up with my final idea..  

Final Design

Tada!..:)..quite happy with it thou..cheers!..Below u can find my development work towards this..:).

Development work!