Friday, January 21, 2011

Type Tart Card

Well for you who dont know, the assignment was to design a 
Type Tart Card
for either a typeface or a single letter of the alphabet.
If your unfamiliar with tart cards, they are the means by which London prostitutes advertise their services.It's usually those skanky kinder cards you would find posted to a public telephone booth. 
So our assignment was to design one..Gah!.hahah..
this is my fav..and also the one i presented..the others were just for fun!..ta..xx

The font is called i played around with tht and created this!..brilliant no?!..neway i had fun doin this..owh well..NEXT!..=)

The other samples!

 During Class and work from the others!..=)

Awesome Stuff!..=)