Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shake it , Shake it!

So right!..for our next assignment we had to develop a brand image using a combination of type and letterforms derived from visual research. The brand will then be applied to graphics or an installation for an exhibition featuring a range of Lost formats or technologies. The exhibition will be promoted through a website..

In my case i researched on the Land 1000 Polaroid Camera

So i needed a exhibition display panel  , and a website with a logo..and this is whut i came up with..

Development work

My Logo

It is basically inspired by the way most people shake a polaroid picture, thinkin it would dry it faster , but proven fact , it does not help..so dont do it..:)

Identity panel

Exhibition Display panel.


This was my website , where all the polaroids were on a notice board..
and you have to pick one up and shake it to reveal the image..

 i thought it sat well with my logo..;)

And then the image appears followed with a line of text , 
Was well satisfied with the reviews i got from it..:)..so i'm one happy child.

These are photo's from today's Review..:)