Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Next assignment we got was Sonic Soundscapes.
we had to performe a live music piece with improvised instruments in response to the work of well known creative practitioners, as well as creating a graphic notation for the very same.

To watch the video ---> Music Video

This is my process to a Graphic Notation!..:)

Development work

Final Design

The instruments we used!..:)

Book cover..

Well if you were following..the next assignment was a book cover!..i basically had two ideas..if you dont already know..i had to do a cover based on the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep..and this is whut i managed to come up with..:)

First Design

 I wanted to keep it clean and i went with a white background. but after awhile i felt it didnt quite deliver the message it was suppose to..
The box is basically a bit part of the where the characters have no feelings so they use an Empathy Box to i thought the whole book is solemnly based on emotions..then i started working on the box..and came up with my final idea..  

Final Design

Tada!..:)..quite happy with it thou..cheers!..Below u can find my development work towards this..:).

Development work!