Saturday, December 18, 2010


And with That..Schools out!..Booya!..
Happy Holidays People!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Magazine Layouts

Well, handing in my Magazine Layout tomo!..
remember those pictures i took on Flickr?..
we'll i've put them to good use!..for my magazine!..:)..
newayz..this is the final design that is too be handed in tomo!.
.Gah i'm done!..=)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Guess who's comin to tea?

Today we had the Sweeeeeeeetttest day in class..apart from handing in all out work..*phew*..we had to bake a cake according to a character of our choice!..ours was BARBIE! surprise!..hehe..Epic adventure i swear!..but it turned out pretty good thou..:P!

Whut a fabulous day!..gahhh!..=) 


The Pretty Snownimal we made!..=)

Busy Busy Busy

My Finished and Submitted Animation!..Gahhhh!'s got sound and all!..sooo amazed!..hehe..took me forever to get it sync!..but so proud of it!..=)

A Little Summary

Well It's basically an animation to show the timeline of how the earth was created following the guidelines from Genesis. 

The first symbol basically shows 

  • heaven and earth..
  • and then it morphs into light and darkness..
  • then to creation of the seas..
  • then sun and the moon..
  • then The Four seasons
  • then Animals
  • Humans
  • The tree of Knowledge and the apple
  • Thats when things go all bad and all the bad disasters start happening..
  • The plague
  • The Community (human symbols)
  • World war 1 & 2
  • Global Warming
  • Sept 11 attack.
  • The line shows tht it continues from there..

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

12 / 30 sec!

Omg..i managed to do 12 outta 30 seconds with 4 symbols!..yay me! noe it's not thaat impressive but it took me massive long to complete just tht..-_-' i'm proud!..:P

Monday, November 22, 2010

Productive Monday!..

Today was a very very productive day!..although swapped with work!..i think we got pretty much done!..Lorna came over and we got cracking on the Magazine Layout assignment and also on the Animation (450 drawings) to be exact!..i got mine down to 100!..phew!..

Later just before dark..we took a lonnng walk up steep hill to get some good photos for out layout..i'm quite proud of them..:p..just to show u a few..the rest are up on flickr!..=D!..

like i said a well productive day deserves a well productive hot chocolate!.:)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rag Raids Manchester

Well i headed down to Manchested last Sunday to pay my dues back to the society by doing charity..=)

RAG Raids Manchester!

Part of the Rag Crew 

Basically we headed down with "Sightsavers" in mind and heart. We were spread out across manchester city to collect donations for this organization. It was loads of fun!..and i'm glad i to meet loads of interesting people..also gave me a chance to be on the other side..the one i usually walk pass by in the street without giving a second look at..interestin how the tables were turned..hehe..

Monday, November 15, 2010


Our Next project after the 5meter poster thingymajig..was to create a Animation outta we have to create flipbooks to sorta get the motion..boy is tht tough!..but i found a tutorial online that makes it look...well..simple?..
just click on the link below..=)

Friday, November 12, 2010

City types typology

We had to take pictures of Typography in the i decided to venture into typo on Food packages!..but i think i'm gonna go out and take better ones..heheh..

Thursday, November 11, 2010

7 Days

So our next project was INSANE!..A 5 Meter drawing of symbols!..the topic was Life, The universe and Everythin!..i struggled with this one..cause the brief was 7 pages long..but after while i started gettin into the mood..i wasnt clear on the whole symbol i did it in the way i thought right..wasnt so bad..since i had my flatmates with me to keep me company while i painted..♥..hehe..

my 2.5 meter roll!..massive crazy right?..

stages..first the outline

my tools yo!

One side of it..

The other side of it

In Class..when everyone had put their stuff up!..

Well basically the story line on mine is the story of Genesis..where the world was created in 7 days..and then everythin was all good till the adam and eve story were original sin was created and everythin went plagues and fire and the tsunami..awesome stuff..=)