Thursday, December 9, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

My Finished and Submitted Animation!..Gahhhh!'s got sound and all!..sooo amazed!..hehe..took me forever to get it sync!..but so proud of it!..=)

A Little Summary

Well It's basically an animation to show the timeline of how the earth was created following the guidelines from Genesis. 

The first symbol basically shows 

  • heaven and earth..
  • and then it morphs into light and darkness..
  • then to creation of the seas..
  • then sun and the moon..
  • then The Four seasons
  • then Animals
  • Humans
  • The tree of Knowledge and the apple
  • Thats when things go all bad and all the bad disasters start happening..
  • The plague
  • The Community (human symbols)
  • World war 1 & 2
  • Global Warming
  • Sept 11 attack.
  • The line shows tht it continues from there..