Monday, March 14, 2011

Electric Sheep ?

Well our next assignment is a book report..and the title we got..
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep ?
yea..exactly!'s mindblowing-ly confusing!
kinder ok after you mind map it out but it's still confusing..:/

Well this is what i managed to gather from it..Thank God for boring films that connect to the book..gah!..
well newayz..this is what i think it's about ;
It's about this guy named Rick  Deckard , who is a bounty hunter and apparently this takes place in 1992 several years after "world war terminus" destroyed much of earth. People were required to emigrate to off-world colonies to preserve the human race. (Mars). The incentive was that each emigrant will receive a custom built android servant. All animals are endangered btw. Owing and caring for an animal is considered a civic virtue and a status symbol . So people who can afford an animal choose to buy an artificial one, robotic animal to mantain social standing. 
So, Androids werent allowed back on earth, but they somehow managed to flee to escape the isolation and to be free of slavery to humans. And that is were Mr.Rick Deckard comes into the picture. He is required to "retire" these androids and bring peace upon the earth.

So yea thats basically that..imagine reading atleast 600 pages of it online!...gahh!..

but that basically summarizes it..:)