Saturday, March 31, 2012

Visual Expression 2 - Limited Edition

So for Visual Expression this time around, we were asked to create limited edition posters about an article chosen by our fellow classmates. The article i got was about midwives and how much they are lacking in gov hospitals and how unborn children are dying with that reason alone. 
We were required to screen print these meaning manually print it out. No computers , or printers were allowed. I thought it was an interesting challenge as it made everyone literally go "hands on" in their work.

Well the approach i took was road signage , as different colours mean different things. I linked it up to an image of a baby in the arms of a midwive, with headings such as Caution, warnings and etc. The message i was going for was contradicting the article. Saying that we do need them , and by the public blaming them for the deaths of babies is unreal. 

Development Process.
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