Thursday, November 11, 2010

7 Days

So our next project was INSANE!..A 5 Meter drawing of symbols!..the topic was Life, The universe and Everythin!..i struggled with this one..cause the brief was 7 pages long..but after while i started gettin into the mood..i wasnt clear on the whole symbol i did it in the way i thought right..wasnt so bad..since i had my flatmates with me to keep me company while i painted..♥..hehe..

my 2.5 meter roll!..massive crazy right?..

stages..first the outline

my tools yo!

One side of it..

The other side of it

In Class..when everyone had put their stuff up!..

Well basically the story line on mine is the story of Genesis..where the world was created in 7 days..and then everythin was all good till the adam and eve story were original sin was created and everythin went plagues and fire and the tsunami..awesome stuff..=)