Friday, October 29, 2010


i've just started out this new blog..just to keep tab of all the work and the processes i've gone thru to get it all in order. The first project was called Motor Badges..this was in Visual was actually quite interesting the way we started out..We were given briefs that were broken down for us into weeks of work..which i thought was brilliant cause it made it so much easier to understand..and then follows up till the final end product..We first had to come up with Visual Boards as reference..
so the three characteristics i had were Rugged, Adaptable and Reliable.

Then we were given our next brief

Task :Design and Produce a vehicle badge

1st Week (Anatomy & Characteristics)

We were required to draw out 10 letters of fonts that were similar to our Characteristics given..
(mines the coloured ones..=p)

2nd Week (Typographic)

Here we were asked to play around with layout and fonts..50 different types to be exact!..

(took this off the graphics website..* sequels*..=D..)

3rd Week (Letterform development)

Here we were suppose to create our own typefaces with materials..which was quite interestin..cause we used all sorta things..but also keepin in mind the three characteristics..=)..

So rugged eh?..

4th Week (Digital Process)

Here's the final week where we have to put everythin into we'd have two would be an Experimental font and another would be conventional...=)..These were my final two..

The we had our reviews..and owh boy did i get reviews..:P..

Well thats about it for This Project..pheww..*pulls out a Kit-Kat*..