Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Film Poster

Graphic Design was all about the teapots and Skulls!..we were given a task to come up with 100 different designs of a teapot..-.-' first i was like 100?..seriously?..i can only think of like 4?..and then they gave us loads of time to do it and i found myself just comin up with more and more!..which was incredible!..

This was obviously a development process for our next task..we were required to come up with an imaginary film and a poster to go with it and we had to go by a certain topic..and mine were Kittens were used as money..which was really my imaginary film was a about a cartoon dog and the life he had to go thru life by using Kittens as money..the irony..:P..alot of people had amazing ideas!..there were other topics like politicians as lizards and some connection signal gone wrong..and soo on..

some good right?..=)..

And my final piece!..=D