Monday, May 21, 2012

Conflict brief

Conflict Brief

I decided on Social class as my conflict for this brief. It is mainly to do with how society is seen these days compared to the 14 century. Modern Britain is still a class society. Although traditional markers such as occupation and income are no longer reliable categories for differentiating between classes, cultural and social codes still maintain traditional hierarchies of former eras. Anyone who has ever watched Little Britain, Harry Enfield or Shameless can see that popular culture maintains standardised class portrayals.
The point I am trying to make with the video and printed media, is that class can also be based on materialistic thinking. We judge people and try to categorize them in a class we think they belong in, just by looking at them. What clothes they wear, what car they drive or how much money they have. It is a stereotypical way of thinking but unfortunately we all do it.
I got the inspiration for this video from my lecturer and also from the “Class Sketch” featuring John Cleese and two Ronnies. They talk about three different classes, using the tallest person as the upper class man and the shortest man as the lower class man. 

(Original Video)

But in my video I used the same man, with the same height to show equality. He is dressed differently thou to show their stand in society. And all three remain speechless to show thought.

My Video

In the end it all boils down to each individual, whether or not the class system is fairly decided. We work hard to earn the status that could be destroyed in less than a second, if not carefully watched. 

Printed Media